Wednesday, August 25, 2010


at first i thought it was a punishment or some sort of curse. but then, it turned out as a blessing. well i guess it really was at the very beginning i just wasn't able to see it that way.. hmmm..

(1) the highest position.. sureal? kinda. BLESSING.
(2) resume plus points.. deceiver? not really. BLESSING.
(3) personal growth.. given by age? no. BLESSING.
(4) responsibility.. stress? never. BLESSING.
(5) out of the cbm chaos.. swerte? nope. BLESSING.
(6) my two guradian angels who saved me from the missery.. buddies? more than that. BLESSING.
(7) my mom who never leaves my side.. a mother's love? yes. and a great BLESSING.
(8) the rest of my friends and council fellows.. support system? ah yes. a bunch of BLESSINGS.

Lord I Love You so much. <3
Thank You for Your unconditional love. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

habang tumatagal, lalong nahahalata.

hala ka.
unsa mna oi.
dugay naman tawon oi.

if you wanna make your life miserable, go ahead.
kebs ko!

tahaha. :P

shodi mag gulaman2 kay wa kay angay.
hilasa bah..

Friday, August 6, 2010

agaw pansin

people can't help but take a second look when he'd pass by.
be it on the streets, inside a store, and even inside the church.
his charm meter just went beyond the peak!
this guy is super duper adorable i want an action figure and a stuffed toy of his face.
he may look wild but in the near future he'll surely make girls go wild.

this is our baby.
our stress relief.
our laugh machine.

*busy ka?*

*tanaaaaan!! pa.cute pah..*

Saturday, July 24, 2010

to one of my bestest best friends, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marjun B Belsondra!! :)

thanks for making my life happier and more inspired. :)
may all your dreams and wishes come true.
i miss and love you much!
Happy 20th Birthday! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

aaaaaahh.. ooookay? 0_o

so i have to answer this for tomorrow's report.
time check (PC time) - 1:40am
i hope my brain would still work later,
that is after making this speech for my "guardian devil".

Saturday, July 10, 2010

if Boston Celtics has BIG three.. I have BEST THREE!

no man is an island..
oo nga naman.. ofcourse tao gud dli jud island!
haha! :D

i miss my friends soooo much!
highschool friends..
iligan friends..
as of today i guess the only way to see them again is through my dreams.
sad.. :(

the BEST THREE.. <3
i miss you miss you miss you sooooo bad!

my bestfriend since time in memorial.
i call her "tin" or "tinny".
when i'm mad i call her "christine mae!"
the most sensitive person when it comes to my feelings.
even if i don't tell her much, she'll know how i feel and think.
very patient especially pag mag minaldita nako.
though maldita jud ni cya pero pag ako mag minaldita di nalang ko niya patulan.
haha! :)
she knows how to tell me the truth without hurting my feelings.
i dunno how she does it but yah..
"i love you tin! see you soon! <3"

my ever martyr best friend.
i can not get over with sadness and frustrations when i don't cry infront of him. (iligan days)
the best adviser ever ever!
he has his own ways of letting me know what's right and wrong.
he makes me feel so special.
he helps me see the good and bad in me.
we get along so well, from food to games to destinations to nap times to non-stop nonsense conversations.
he patiently listens to my blahs especially when i'm sleepy; i enumerate all the channels that we have in our tv.
"i wish you all the best mel! let's see each other sometime and talk again about our dreams and imaginations. haha! i love you! <3"

the special child.
haha! :D
if you wanna ruin my life, get this guy.
he knows eeeeeeverything about me!
from my security codes, passwords, yucky habbits, sleeping face, love life (chos!), favorites, everything!
the only person whom after haven't seen him for years, everything still feels the same. no awkward moments or whatever.
we usually bond with food and singing and computer gaming and talking and sleeping.
i am his official manicurista.
no doubt i memorize every single curve of his nails on his hands and feet.
and i tell you,.. it's gross.. haha! just kidding..
his first impression of me was "baboy na igat"
yes he's that frank and that's probably the thing i like the most about him.
he has his own indirect ways of letting me feel loved and valued.
mao ng luoran, uliton!
if i would be stuck in an island and would be given the chance to choose a guy to bring with me,
i think i'll tag him along..
and feed him to the sharks! haha!!
"i miss you more than you miss me dong.. looking forward to going around the world with you.. aja to our dreams! i love you bataot! <3 :P"

*i'm so blessed to have such amazing and loving bestees..
i hope everyone in this world realizes the value of good friendship and would get to experience having so many wonderful people around them..
get a best friend.. if you can, don't just have one.. have THREE!*


Thursday, July 1, 2010


woke up late
first class-Taxation begins at 8.30am; woke up 7:20.. i am a turtle in the morning so it takes me more than an hour to prep for school.. went to school late.. good thing sir ef never starts his class without me.. haha! i'm not abusive.. i'm just not a morning person.. : I
hurrying to school.. fast walk.. i reached the village's gate.. the best sight was seeing a motorcycle coming in.. and oh, the sun was so up already! it overpowered the perfume i had on.. :/

two words.. NOSE BLEED! 0_0

trying to finish my lunch
my mom got me some food for lunch and it looked like a combo meal.. the plate was soooo full! potato salad, baked beef, sweet and sour fish, spaghetti, and some more which i did not want to look at because it was just so much i might vomit just by looking at it! i am not used to not emptying my plate since i grew up with the oldies telling me na 'makagaba na'.. i struggled then.. but good thing my mom was so hungry she volunteered to finish my food.. *sigh*

assembling my closing remarks
i am better at giving last-minute speeches than making it way before the event.. i was one of the coordinators of the assembly so i knew my part 2weeks ahead of time.. when i tried to come-up and write my remarks which i had to deliver 3hours after, nothing comes into my head.. my brain stopped working and i was so blank i wanted to cry.. good thing i'm momma's spoiled baby so she left her paperworks and made me my speech.. saved! :)

the MS activity of Sir Ef
at first it was so fun, role playing what he told us to do time-pressured.. we were really just playing around and laughing out loud eventhough it was graded.. sir ef was so game naman he was laughing with us the whole time.. but on the 6th round i lost all my energy i just wanted to sleep on-the-spot.. later did i realize it was a mentally and physically demanding activity.. *phew!* sir ef seeing my reaction made him laugh.. such a sympathetic teacher.. :))

the General Assembly
i had to be onstage several times.. gave commands the whole time the program was running.. answered the concerns of my co-officers and teachers.. from operating the camera to how to do this and that and finding alternative last-minute actions of this and that, blah blah blah!! it was worse than being on an exercise machine!
how it ended..
our college dean called me up and told me to see her in her office immediately after the after-care.. so after picking the crumpled papers all over the venue floor, i hurried to the dean's office.. i knew something was up.. my heart was pounding then..

the News
the heaviest load of the day..
i finally heared straight from my dean's mouth the thing i thought were just rumors.. i never wanted it confirmed but sadly, i just did.. CBM governor for the entire school year given all the majorest major subjects.. i was sweating so bad the entire time i felt soooo dehydrated afterwards, asking carlo to come with me and get ourselves some ice cold drinks.. plenty of 'em!
..the people's reactions..
carlo: kaya lagi daw nako di jud daw lagi ko niya byaan
my brother (lying on his bed): ako:"loy naa koy e-ingon nimo".. brother: "governor jud ka noh?! halaaaaaa!!"
ate: "naunsa ka?!.... aaah.. as in?"
mommy: smiling face :)
wardo: was making fun (as always) of me at first but later on expressed how willing he is to help me out
justmark: "kaya kay na nimo manang! go go go!!"
mam manet: she bombarded me with questions.. i think she isn't happy with what is happening
mimi: ofcourse my bespren expressed via facebook her all-out support

my facebook and my blogsite absorbs all my life's stresses, which explains why i'm still on the computer at this hour.. but for sure by the moment my head rests on my pillow i will be knocked-out.. O_O

Friday, June 4, 2010

i just don't get it.. : l

a year has already passed since dad's death.. along the way, there were A LOT of adjustments that i had to go through.. i knew from the very beginning that it would be really hard and it would take a long time.. but i never thought that after a year, i have to deal with another batch of adjustments with the other parent,.. my MOM! (and i just hit the keys hard when i typed those bold letters)

i know that one of God's commandments is to obey your father and mother, the 7th commandment i guess.. but there are just those times when you would just want to defend and explain yourself to them, which my mom finds bastos or tubag-tubag... i don't get it.. when she does something wrong even in little things she would always find ways to make lusot even to the extent of irrationality.. i don't get it!.. i find the norms in seniority soooo unfair..

these past few days i have been in several disputes with mom.. we could be so happy talking about random stuff now then seconds after we would end up arguing.. i have been through the stage of rebellion where disputes with parents happened often but i guess i'm too old for rebellion already so i don't consider this as one,.. and this time it's different and worse..

just yesterday, i was happy talking to my cousin about colors while watching the Tyra show which that time discussed about the science of colors.. the expert guest of the show said that those people who love wearing red tend to be high-tempered and are more aggressive.. so since mom loves red, i told her that the expert was right then cause she is high-tempered, and that's just to tease her.. but without hesitations knowing that my cousins were around, she immediately replied, "nganong ikaw dili ka ganahan ug red na MALDITA MAN UNTA KAY KA?!".. then there was the awkward dead-air.. and to think i volunteered to do the groceries that day even without being asked! i was like at the back of my head, "i don't get this.." she had been insisting these past few months in and out of the public that i'm really maldita which i find shameful..

so i thought, okay.. if you insist that i'm bad, i'll be bad! i'll stop trying to be a good child to you cause it won't make any difference anyway.. i nearly sent her a facebook message to tell her this.. but i know that another wrong doing won't do a wrong doing right, it would just make it worse.. and so as always, i just kept it inside me (which for sure days from now would burst out and become tears)..

trying to kick some optimism in me, while on my way home i realized that 'when you feel that the parenting is wrong, don't always go against it cause it would just end up in a fight.. instead, learn from it cause it will help you in becoming a better parent someday..'

i know that i'm gonna be a parent someday (with or without a husband! bahala na! haha! :D ) and i'm thankful that times like these come,.. cause by these i'll know firsthand how it will be like to be in those children's shoes.. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

summer 2010 is..

- OJT hassle.. hahaay.. : I
- Glee marathons! mark saaaaaaalling.. @_@
- kulang sa swimming and beach outings but sagad sa bukidnon sightings.. :)
- net surfing galore as in up to 6am.. mader: "april! nagpakamatay na ka?!" haha! :))
- bonding time with nephews Migs and Stan.. played a lot.. :)
- missing the highschool friends.. everyone has been really busy.. and kung naay dli busy ako nasad ang busy or drained na ang energy to hang-out .. sheeesh! :(
- cellphone call and text dramas.. duuuh!
- ah! SIMS addiction! everyone in the house are again hooked by this makalumang game.. :)
- BROWNOUT!! my gaaaaaad!! but good thing it's over the day before election..
- hair makeover.. bangz.. ^-^
- birthdays.. birthdays.. and moooore birthdays!! i felt really loved.. <3
- baloleng and migs' graduation.. next level na sila!!
- still kulang sa bonding with family and friends so really looking forward to have some even on the last days of this year's vacay.. :)


Friday, May 14, 2010

random... howdy? :)

my summer 2010 began with an amazing news.. i passed all of my subjects and might even end up on the dean's list, effortlessly and for the first time.. i hope daddy's proud.. :)

so to reward myself and to complete my summer vacay, i went to bukidnon with my brother and cousins and as always went around and had a reeeeeally great time.. any free time would never be complete without spending some fun and quality time with my cousins.. :)

sad to say, i have to fulfill my scholastic responsibilities so i came home and went into an on-the-job training which is part of our curriculum.. we got accepted in the Development Bank of the Philippines and so far, the people there had been really so nice to us i still enjoy the everyday work though it really knocks me out at the end of the day.. in this training i as well realized that it is still hard for me to be on-time especially in the morning.. i am and will never be a morning person.. hehe.. :)

at home, we have slightly moved on already from dad's passing.. it has been a year already, though it still feels like yesterday.. we commemorated his 1st death anniversary at his ancestral house with family and some close friends..

on a lighter note..

our house has been attacked by a contagious fever.. the FACEBOOK fever! haha!! i dunno when and how it all began.. months ago i was the only one in the family who had a facebook account and the next thing i know, everyone in the house already has one and my mom is already so addicted to it she would really push us out of our seats if we go overtime in front of the computer.. she fights for her facebook turn! haha!! and still about facebook, my uncles and momma had been posting really old and well,.. kinda yucky pictures of us.. majority of the pictures i looked like shit with my really short hair plus zigzag bangs.. hehe.. :)

uhmmm.. what else?..

oh yah.. i haven't seen my close friends for quite some time already.. it's kinda sad to think that we could no longer bond the same way as before since most of them had already graduated and are already busy getting into what the oldies would say as "the real world".. board exams, job hunting.. sad.. :(


will be bonding with my cousins and dads and moms on the 3rd week of May.. so excited i just wanna pee! just kidding.. hehe.. :)

and oh before i'd end this!... watch Glee or you'll miss half.., no.. your entire life! the best show ever ever ever.. mark salling is a delight! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the unfortunate laptop..

the laptop at home has been really reliable especially in my blogging career.. and now it has become the most pasaway ever!
i sent it out for repair three times and paid three times as well.. then after its hospitalizations i was super glad to finally use it again.. 2 days after its again efficient use, its charger broke..


i owe this blog a number of entries already.. ugh! >:/