Monday, November 9, 2009

lately, i've been...

- lazy
- distracted
- soooo happy - Sir Ramel, thank you! :)
- bookish
- blog hopping
- mafia waring?
- reading my diary
- writing in my diary
- helping my brother with his box
- envious of my brother's blooming love life
- missing a looooot of people, especially those from my past
- excited to be back in school
- yet worried about the upcoming org work
- hospitalized
- traumatized (needles and hospital smell.. yuck!)
- seeing a "DD" look-alike
- missing the real "DD"
- insane
- being maarte (haha!)
- finishing a Paulo Coelho novel
- restless!!


1 comment:

sendzki said...

i really wanna be consistent with my diary....but really...i'm just lazy, lazy, and lazy.