Saturday, January 17, 2009

the 2009 predictions.. one really creeps me out!!!

it has been really common eversince that manghuhulas would give their predictions for the year everytime a new year arrives.. me and my sister was watching this TV show one day and saw and heared a lot of things that might be happening this year according to the manghuhulas..

the usual.. some celebrities will die, more calamities will strike the country, sudden break-ups of well-known couples, crazy philippine politics, so on and so forth.. with all of these predictions and predictors, i really did not mind a thing, not until Jojo Acquin was featured.. he is also known as the Nostradamus of Asia and a lot of his predictions really came into reality, which were mostly related to death and/or disaster... i actually don't believe in predictions but this prediction of his really creeped me out.....

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yes.. the newly elected US president Barrack Obama whom i really like.. he's just one of the most compassionate politicians i have ever encountered (not in person of course) in my entire life... mr. Acquin predicted that Barrack Obama would not be able to finish his term for he'll have the same fate with Kennedy and Nixon.. Kennedy was assassinated while Nixon was (i think) involved in a huge scandal... with Obama's compassion and desire to make a change, i could hardly believe that he'd be involved in a scandal... huhuuuu... :/

my hopes with Obamma's presidency are still high though, for i know that PRAYERS are very powerful and everything is in God's hands, not in the manghuhulas... (:


it has been really really cold these past few days...
i easily feel cold so my nails had been purple most of the time this week.. :/

my week has been really busy.. it was exam week which was ofcourse stressfull.. my brain had so many infos to squeez in that i had migraines right after my last exam.. my study mode doesn't end there though.. i was forced by my teacher to join the "battle of the brains" contest for the intramurals which would cover general information.. one word, "YUCK!".. no interest with this kind of geeky stuff! nuh duh! zero! butlog! 0_o

the day after my last exams (which is today) i really made most out of my free time.. i played "Cake Mania 2" and "Chuzzle Deluxe" and watched TV to sawa.. and as i was trying to find a good show to watch on TV, the latest Mc Donald's commercial aired which really caught my eye.. it was about this geeky guy and his first love.. it was reeeeeeally cute!! i even had teary eyes after watching it! haha! but yah.. i seriously did! hehe.. :D

so from now on, i'm gonna start eating in Mc Donald's as often as i could.. hoping to find my first love as well!! nyahahaha!! just kidding! i miss their food na.. haven't eaten there for quite some time already.. tsk3.. :(


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grabe ang effect pang-endorser!! haha!! :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

i just can't get over..


wow naman.. serious masyado ang title! you might have thought that this entry is about "love" and all, but i'm sorry 'cause it's not.. hehe! :P

during 'zero plans' days, the only things that i'd usually do were to eat, to sleep, or to watch movies or series on dvd... the first and last days of my christmas break were mostly spent doing the mentioned..

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i again and again watched the series "House, MD".. i don't know what's with this series but it really influenced me in some ways.. i get super turned-on with male doctors (ehem! eversince? hehehe..), i would want to be a medical doctor in my next life (i hope i would no longer be the lud-anon that i am today), and i already love it when men curse! haha! anyways, i still love the cases and the story of each of the characters.. i hope i could get my hands on some complete and original copies of this series.. i'd love it 'til death! :D

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another thing that i still couldn't getover with is the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".. duuuh! like i already had gotten over Brad Pitt! hehe.. i still get super kilig everytime i watch this movie.. they just look so good together especially in those characters.. i haven't really watched it for some time before last thursday, and i'm glad i saw my pirated dvd copy of it and watched it again.. my hopes of becoming the next Mrs. Pitt would still live though.. haha!! :D

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my childhood days were fun and lively.. maybe that's why i still haven't gotten over some stuff from my past.. and one of these is my favorite cartoon series eversince, "Akazukin Chacha".. thanks to Hero channel who is still showing this fave cartoon of mine today, that i got the chance to watch it again and laugh at each funny scene as loud as i could (just like when i was a child).. hehe!!
to those who weren't able to give me some presents for my birthday or for christmas last year, a complete and original set of "Akazukin Chacha" dvd would be a great gift! :)

maybe i should have had another title for this entry... "My DVD wish List" would have also been a good one.. haha!! :D