Monday, November 24, 2008

the tale of the cruel school guard

i was not in the mood the entire day due to my encounter with that harsh school guard first thing in the morning... he was shouting at me for not wearing the "yellow polka dotted" school uniform even after i explained to him that i already asked the permission of our college dean... so i immediately went to the dean's office to tell our friendly dean what happened to me with that guard, and she said she'll settle it herself... i'm not really taking advantage of the connections that i have in that school nor abusing the kindness of our college dean... i just wanted the higher office to know that they have a cruel employee aboard... :/

i really had a lot of fun yesterday in my dad's "bukid"... it's really so bukid that they do not have electricity there; we burned dried leaves when it went dark.. it was such a relaxing experience.. being away from the city noise that i hear every single day... i would really live in a suburb with my own family in the future... oooooi!! nag plano na daw ko... hehe.. la lng.. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

things are starting to get better... :)

things are well so far especially in school.. though i still miss my friends in iligan, i'm already adjusting on what i'm into right now.. i already have few new friends in school who are really funny.. but i'm still really trying to fit into them..

anyways, i really haven't had a good sleep last night.. my nephew Migs really slept late since he still wanted to play.. i told him to stay on my bed since their room already had their lights off and everyone was already sleeping.. i became really sleepy later on that i just told Migs to wake me up just incase he needs something.. by 2am, i suddenly woke up for reasons i do not know, as if someone woke me up.. then i saw migs half awake sitting on my bed... his entire body was really shivering coz he felt really really cold since he wasn't able to get into my blanket.. i really panicked that i immediately hugged him really tight then wrapped him with my blanket.. i then woke up every after 10min just to check up on him afterwards.. i got somewhat traumatized after seeing Migs in that situation.. i felt that i was so 'pabaya' that he was just on my bed that time and yet i wasn't able to attend to him.. i really wanted to cry... :(
i haven't seen him already awake today since i left the house early.. but my mom told me that he was already fine, as if nothing happened last night.. *sigh*

another thing.. i still don't have a uniform and i feel like a lady bug walking on a clean sheet of bondpaper everytime i go to school.. i hope i could get my uniform as soon as possible.. :/

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the date and time of entries...

just in case you mind, the date of my postings is a day late, and the time is not right... i really don't know how to set this.. i guess this site follows the american time... (?_?)

the "disfunctional professors" day!

i declare this day the "DISFUNCTIONAL PROFESSORS" day!!!

i woke up early and took a really cold shower this morning to attend to my scheduled classes.. my first class was supposed to be held in a building where you should go to the third floor so that you can get into the other side of the building (where my classroom is located).. so after going up to the 3rd floor then back to the 2nd floor using the really really high stairs, i finally got to that secluded classroom, with all the sweat and "hingal"!! after waiting for several minutes, no professor nor even just a look-a-like showed up and all the students left... same fate came to the rest of the 4 scheduled classess... DAMN THOSE PROFS!!!!!

my day wasn't really completely messed up... i was able to relax in my mom's air conditioned and internet connected office (the best place to be when it's hot and boring), and i got to meet several cute guys! hahahaha!!! past time, that's what you call it... not "ga-biga2", okay? hehe..

and since it's friday today, it's gonna be saturday tomorrow!!!! i think i'll just be at home this weekend, which means more dvd and tv marathons for me!! yeeeeeah.... ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

maybe just an ordinary day

i spent just a short time in school since my classes were done early due to meetings and stuff.. i then got the chance to mingle with my friendly classmates and we were really laughing on non-sense things...

anyways, i still don't feel completely fine... i'm missing my friends in iligan terribly especially the three bestest (whom i mentioned in my previous blog site)... and another thing that makes me feel terrible is my aching tooth.. i can't chew my food properly (which is a devastating thing for me! haha..)... i think if this will not be remedied immediately, i'd be the next Angelina Jolie!! wahahah!! snatching Brad would be great too! :P

the day isn't over yet but i expect to spend the rest of the day reading and sleeping.. no more 'laag'... :(

just remembering and missing everyone..

it was raining hard just this afternoon and i got so wet while waiting for a ride home for 30min... then the scenario eventually made me remember of how me and my friends in iligan deal with the pouring rain upon going home or somewhere else..

i felt really bad coz i no longer have friends here whom i could share an umbrella with and sing the ultimate rainy-season-song "umbrella" by rhianna... or if nobody has brought an umbrella, we'd be running around the campus then laugh afterwards... i was totally alone and pissed off by what i was going through that time... staying on a shelter with the noisy groups of people whom i think are groups of friends...

it's really sad that everything that i go through in my new school right now, i'd always associate it with my friends, classmates, and school in iligan all the time, usually comparing them and eventually end up saying that everything in iligan is better...

i need to do this though... for myself most especially... i need to be a better person and i guess this is the way... i hope!


i finally decided to transfer to blogspot since my account pissess me off all the time.. it still contains some of my recent posts though just incase you wanna check them out... i hope you won't be pissed off as much as i did in opening it.. hehe.. :)