Monday, November 24, 2008

the tale of the cruel school guard

i was not in the mood the entire day due to my encounter with that harsh school guard first thing in the morning... he was shouting at me for not wearing the "yellow polka dotted" school uniform even after i explained to him that i already asked the permission of our college dean... so i immediately went to the dean's office to tell our friendly dean what happened to me with that guard, and she said she'll settle it herself... i'm not really taking advantage of the connections that i have in that school nor abusing the kindness of our college dean... i just wanted the higher office to know that they have a cruel employee aboard... :/

i really had a lot of fun yesterday in my dad's "bukid"... it's really so bukid that they do not have electricity there; we burned dried leaves when it went dark.. it was such a relaxing experience.. being away from the city noise that i hear every single day... i would really live in a suburb with my own family in the future... oooooi!! nag plano na daw ko... hehe.. la lng.. :)

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