Thursday, November 6, 2008

the "disfunctional professors" day!

i declare this day the "DISFUNCTIONAL PROFESSORS" day!!!

i woke up early and took a really cold shower this morning to attend to my scheduled classes.. my first class was supposed to be held in a building where you should go to the third floor so that you can get into the other side of the building (where my classroom is located).. so after going up to the 3rd floor then back to the 2nd floor using the really really high stairs, i finally got to that secluded classroom, with all the sweat and "hingal"!! after waiting for several minutes, no professor nor even just a look-a-like showed up and all the students left... same fate came to the rest of the 4 scheduled classess... DAMN THOSE PROFS!!!!!

my day wasn't really completely messed up... i was able to relax in my mom's air conditioned and internet connected office (the best place to be when it's hot and boring), and i got to meet several cute guys! hahahaha!!! past time, that's what you call it... not "ga-biga2", okay? hehe..

and since it's friday today, it's gonna be saturday tomorrow!!!! i think i'll just be at home this weekend, which means more dvd and tv marathons for me!! yeeeeeah.... ;)

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