Monday, November 10, 2008

things are starting to get better... :)

things are well so far especially in school.. though i still miss my friends in iligan, i'm already adjusting on what i'm into right now.. i already have few new friends in school who are really funny.. but i'm still really trying to fit into them..

anyways, i really haven't had a good sleep last night.. my nephew Migs really slept late since he still wanted to play.. i told him to stay on my bed since their room already had their lights off and everyone was already sleeping.. i became really sleepy later on that i just told Migs to wake me up just incase he needs something.. by 2am, i suddenly woke up for reasons i do not know, as if someone woke me up.. then i saw migs half awake sitting on my bed... his entire body was really shivering coz he felt really really cold since he wasn't able to get into my blanket.. i really panicked that i immediately hugged him really tight then wrapped him with my blanket.. i then woke up every after 10min just to check up on him afterwards.. i got somewhat traumatized after seeing Migs in that situation.. i felt that i was so 'pabaya' that he was just on my bed that time and yet i wasn't able to attend to him.. i really wanted to cry... :(
i haven't seen him already awake today since i left the house early.. but my mom told me that he was already fine, as if nothing happened last night.. *sigh*

another thing.. i still don't have a uniform and i feel like a lady bug walking on a clean sheet of bondpaper everytime i go to school.. i hope i could get my uniform as soon as possible.. :/

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