Wednesday, November 5, 2008

maybe just an ordinary day

i spent just a short time in school since my classes were done early due to meetings and stuff.. i then got the chance to mingle with my friendly classmates and we were really laughing on non-sense things...

anyways, i still don't feel completely fine... i'm missing my friends in iligan terribly especially the three bestest (whom i mentioned in my previous blog site)... and another thing that makes me feel terrible is my aching tooth.. i can't chew my food properly (which is a devastating thing for me! haha..)... i think if this will not be remedied immediately, i'd be the next Angelina Jolie!! wahahah!! snatching Brad would be great too! :P

the day isn't over yet but i expect to spend the rest of the day reading and sleeping.. no more 'laag'... :(

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