Wednesday, November 5, 2008

just remembering and missing everyone..

it was raining hard just this afternoon and i got so wet while waiting for a ride home for 30min... then the scenario eventually made me remember of how me and my friends in iligan deal with the pouring rain upon going home or somewhere else..

i felt really bad coz i no longer have friends here whom i could share an umbrella with and sing the ultimate rainy-season-song "umbrella" by rhianna... or if nobody has brought an umbrella, we'd be running around the campus then laugh afterwards... i was totally alone and pissed off by what i was going through that time... staying on a shelter with the noisy groups of people whom i think are groups of friends...

it's really sad that everything that i go through in my new school right now, i'd always associate it with my friends, classmates, and school in iligan all the time, usually comparing them and eventually end up saying that everything in iligan is better...

i need to do this though... for myself most especially... i need to be a better person and i guess this is the way... i hope!

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