Saturday, January 3, 2009

i just can't get over..


wow naman.. serious masyado ang title! you might have thought that this entry is about "love" and all, but i'm sorry 'cause it's not.. hehe! :P

during 'zero plans' days, the only things that i'd usually do were to eat, to sleep, or to watch movies or series on dvd... the first and last days of my christmas break were mostly spent doing the mentioned..

House Pictures, Images and Photos

i again and again watched the series "House, MD".. i don't know what's with this series but it really influenced me in some ways.. i get super turned-on with male doctors (ehem! eversince? hehehe..), i would want to be a medical doctor in my next life (i hope i would no longer be the lud-anon that i am today), and i already love it when men curse! haha! anyways, i still love the cases and the story of each of the characters.. i hope i could get my hands on some complete and original copies of this series.. i'd love it 'til death! :D

mr mrs smith Pictures, Images and Photos

another thing that i still couldn't getover with is the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".. duuuh! like i already had gotten over Brad Pitt! hehe.. i still get super kilig everytime i watch this movie.. they just look so good together especially in those characters.. i haven't really watched it for some time before last thursday, and i'm glad i saw my pirated dvd copy of it and watched it again.. my hopes of becoming the next Mrs. Pitt would still live though.. haha!! :D

Akazukin Chacha Pictures, Images and Photos

my childhood days were fun and lively.. maybe that's why i still haven't gotten over some stuff from my past.. and one of these is my favorite cartoon series eversince, "Akazukin Chacha".. thanks to Hero channel who is still showing this fave cartoon of mine today, that i got the chance to watch it again and laugh at each funny scene as loud as i could (just like when i was a child).. hehe!!
to those who weren't able to give me some presents for my birthday or for christmas last year, a complete and original set of "Akazukin Chacha" dvd would be a great gift! :)

maybe i should have had another title for this entry... "My DVD wish List" would have also been a good one.. haha!! :D

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