Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ending a year has never been this good.. :D

get togethers has always been a part of my year-end vacations eversince i was a kid... but this year was kinda different though... i wasn't just able to spend some quality time with the best people in the world (my family and friends), but i was also able to appreciate them and realize how important they are in my life... i guess as the person ages, the more senti he becomes... hehehe! well i think the proper term here is "maturity"... i became more appreciative of even tiny things that i sense, and it feels really good...

anyways, so much on being "old emo"... hehe!

the '08 Baliog reunion was short yet really memorable.. we got to spend a lot of time talking, EATING, playing in the pool (the balls and water guns), picture taking, and a whole lot more... it was as always very fun and amazing... i hope we'll have a longer and more complete reunion this year...

KYA SANTI, you were amazing with those "brokeback mountain" moves! hehehe.. i'm so happy you made it to the reunion.. and you know how much i love you and your own family... MAMI GING, we really missed you and wished that you were with us... i hope you'll already be around this year... DIDANG and ATING, you're still the 'bestfriends-cousins' whom i grew up with... thanks for not changing and for the unending laughter, tears, and kilig stories... DANDAN, i love you gorgeous!! you have always made me feel special... may our huge hopes and wishes come true... and to the rest of my COUSINS, i love that we so love each other so dearly and treasure each other like biological siblings... i love you guys with my whole heart... and lastly, to my UNCLES and AUNTIES... thank you so much for all the support, love, and care that you have been giving me eversince and for not just being my aunts and uncles, but also for being my MOMS and DADS... i love you all!!! :D

and to you guys who are browsing through this, thank you for whatever you have done to me... good or bad, it's fine... i hope you had a really noisy new year just like mine... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! welcome 2009.... :)

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