Sunday, December 28, 2008


... and now i'm already in Iligan (Kiwalan). the trip was kinda scary that i took the 'sign of the cross' five times or more i guess... hehe! but it was all in all safe and igang...

i was sleeping the whole time we were travelling and during the entire afternoon as well, hoping to get rid of the huge eye bags that i got from last night's over night... while i was still asleep during the afternoon, some of my cousins really tried to wake me up especially those who just came... the sky was already dark when i woke up... and as i was on my way towards the door to go out, my ultimate favorite kuya cousin kuya santi, whom i terribly missed, came in the room with my mom.. super surprised, i screamed, ran towards kuya and hugged him really really tight... we were hugging each other tightly for almost more than a minute without saying anything... he's definitely the person that i really wanted to see in this year's reunion... and i'm just really lucky that my wish just got granted! :)

i am super duper mega over overwhelmed and happy that after seeing and bonding with my closest friends yesterday, i was also given the chance by God to see the most significant group of people in my life... my FAMILY, which ofcourse includes my cousins... i know we will be having a really great time together in the upcoming activities of this year's reunion, and i hope i could take a lot of pictures of us for keepsake... thank you dear God for all of this!! :)

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