Wednesday, December 24, 2008


last night's christmas celebration was a blast! :D

we exchanged gifts and ate our fave foods... though i was sick, i still managed to enjoy everything that there was on the table... what actually made it a blast was having my entire family with me to celebrate Christ's birthday... the youngest of in the house, Stan my nephew, kept on singing "happy birthday Jesus..." and so on... there was a lot of laughing as well... my dad even had teary eyes while we were hugging, kissing, and greeting each other... my dad is really emotional.. hehehe!! :D

many of my friends and relatives from afar sent their greetings through calls, IM, and text messaging (TM? ehe..) which is just priceless.. i expected to become drunk before sleeping however my negligent brother wasn't able to buy kalamansi for the tequila, so the drinking session is postponed...

and now we are all awake... the kids immediately grabbed the toys that they received last night while us, the grown ups, immediately grabbed and munched the left overs! haha!! i don't care if this will give me more pounds... hehehe...

well, i hope you enjoyed celebrating Christmas as much as i did... Happy Holidays!! :D

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