Saturday, December 27, 2008

i love my FRIENDS... :)

i just got home from the overnight party at bingkat's house and it's like around 7am... i haven't slept yet, take note.. i'm really kinda dizzy but it's okay coz i really had a great time... there was a lot of eating and drinking and talking and laughing and we (the highschool barkada and some batchmates) really enjoyed... but i mostly spent the time with my best friend mimi and my great guy friend fitz patrick... we shared a lot of personal things and laughed and cried over it... mimi and i were the only ones who did not take a nap and we both spent the whole time talking, next to the snoring fitz and nadz... hehehe! and some farting too... :) mimi, fitz, and moi left the house earlier than everyone and immediately headed to dunkin donuts to sip some hot drink and to use their comfort room (fitz was desperate to release all of his gases and the halo-halo foods that he had eaten the entire time... haha! too bad the cr was locked)... we took some pictures, talked, laughed, ate and drank (at fitz expense! libre!!), then went home after an hour...

up to now, i'm still very overwhelmed with the closeness that the three of us were still able to maintain after some years of living lives apart... i'm just really happy that we're still the way we were... do we sound too old now? hehe..

i love you guys... like all of you!! i'm so proud to have you and i hope that we'll be this close for as long as we live... mwah mwah!! :)

- to mimi, fitz, nadz, sarah, zaharah, nora, bingkat, rk, mayee, elbert - :)

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