Wednesday, August 25, 2010


at first i thought it was a punishment or some sort of curse. but then, it turned out as a blessing. well i guess it really was at the very beginning i just wasn't able to see it that way.. hmmm..

(1) the highest position.. sureal? kinda. BLESSING.
(2) resume plus points.. deceiver? not really. BLESSING.
(3) personal growth.. given by age? no. BLESSING.
(4) responsibility.. stress? never. BLESSING.
(5) out of the cbm chaos.. swerte? nope. BLESSING.
(6) my two guradian angels who saved me from the missery.. buddies? more than that. BLESSING.
(7) my mom who never leaves my side.. a mother's love? yes. and a great BLESSING.
(8) the rest of my friends and council fellows.. support system? ah yes. a bunch of BLESSINGS.

Lord I Love You so much. <3
Thank You for Your unconditional love. :)

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