Friday, May 14, 2010

random... howdy? :)

my summer 2010 began with an amazing news.. i passed all of my subjects and might even end up on the dean's list, effortlessly and for the first time.. i hope daddy's proud.. :)

so to reward myself and to complete my summer vacay, i went to bukidnon with my brother and cousins and as always went around and had a reeeeeally great time.. any free time would never be complete without spending some fun and quality time with my cousins.. :)

sad to say, i have to fulfill my scholastic responsibilities so i came home and went into an on-the-job training which is part of our curriculum.. we got accepted in the Development Bank of the Philippines and so far, the people there had been really so nice to us i still enjoy the everyday work though it really knocks me out at the end of the day.. in this training i as well realized that it is still hard for me to be on-time especially in the morning.. i am and will never be a morning person.. hehe.. :)

at home, we have slightly moved on already from dad's passing.. it has been a year already, though it still feels like yesterday.. we commemorated his 1st death anniversary at his ancestral house with family and some close friends..

on a lighter note..

our house has been attacked by a contagious fever.. the FACEBOOK fever! haha!! i dunno when and how it all began.. months ago i was the only one in the family who had a facebook account and the next thing i know, everyone in the house already has one and my mom is already so addicted to it she would really push us out of our seats if we go overtime in front of the computer.. she fights for her facebook turn! haha!! and still about facebook, my uncles and momma had been posting really old and well,.. kinda yucky pictures of us.. majority of the pictures i looked like shit with my really short hair plus zigzag bangs.. hehe.. :)

uhmmm.. what else?..

oh yah.. i haven't seen my close friends for quite some time already.. it's kinda sad to think that we could no longer bond the same way as before since most of them had already graduated and are already busy getting into what the oldies would say as "the real world".. board exams, job hunting.. sad.. :(


will be bonding with my cousins and dads and moms on the 3rd week of May.. so excited i just wanna pee! just kidding.. hehe.. :)

and oh before i'd end this!... watch Glee or you'll miss half.., no.. your entire life! the best show ever ever ever.. mark salling is a delight! :)

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