Sunday, May 16, 2010

summer 2010 is..

- OJT hassle.. hahaay.. : I
- Glee marathons! mark saaaaaaalling.. @_@
- kulang sa swimming and beach outings but sagad sa bukidnon sightings.. :)
- net surfing galore as in up to 6am.. mader: "april! nagpakamatay na ka?!" haha! :))
- bonding time with nephews Migs and Stan.. played a lot.. :)
- missing the highschool friends.. everyone has been really busy.. and kung naay dli busy ako nasad ang busy or drained na ang energy to hang-out .. sheeesh! :(
- cellphone call and text dramas.. duuuh!
- ah! SIMS addiction! everyone in the house are again hooked by this makalumang game.. :)
- BROWNOUT!! my gaaaaaad!! but good thing it's over the day before election..
- hair makeover.. bangz.. ^-^
- birthdays.. birthdays.. and moooore birthdays!! i felt really loved.. <3
- baloleng and migs' graduation.. next level na sila!!
- still kulang sa bonding with family and friends so really looking forward to have some even on the last days of this year's vacay.. :)


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