Friday, August 14, 2009

the tomboy in me misses me.. and a huge part of it is daddy.. :)

I’m not gay nor bisexual of some sort, first and foremost.. hehe.. I just miss doing the boyish things that I used to do often.. with dad.

I’ve always loved dad’s company cause he treated me the same way he treated my brother loloy.. I like doing girly stuff with mom but doing boyish things with dad was exceptional..

i used to gamble in tong-its with dad before especially when there’s brownout.. haha! he’s even the one who gives me the money that I’d use for betting.. there were also times when I’d just sit by the dining table drinking some liquor and he’ll sit with me, ask how much alcohol does the liquor I’m drinking have, then just keep me company.. now how cool is that for a dad? J

there were also times when we’d leave the house, ride on his motorbike, go around the city, then pick some stuff to munch.. we don’t get to talk a lot about too personal stuff but our daddy-daughter connection was always there..

I can’t imagine how it’ll be like holding and firing a gun again without dad.. he was my mentor and my number one fan.. whenever we’d go out target shooting along with my uncles and my brother, it was always I who he was always so proud of that even having my earmuffs on, I could still hear his loud cheers especially when I get alpha shots.. I sooooo miss holding and firing a gun!

i’m looking forward to the time that I’ll be able to do these stuff again, especially target shooting.. I know it would no longer be as exceptional as it used to be with dad, but getting back that spunky feeling again would surely be amazing.. J


ags said...

asta ko gusto ko sulay target shooting bisan sauna pa jud! ANd I know what you mean...missing the moments a lot! its a bittersweet moment to reminisce. Always take care! :)

sendzki said...

maypa ka nakatarget shooting na kk... ^^ you'll be a good mother/father someday...thanks to your dad ..diba? ^^ HI LEN!