Tuesday, August 4, 2009


last week was one of the most amazing weeks i've had in my life.. it wasn't just because i was able to do so many things that made me feel relevant and functional, but it was more about finding a new family.. my JPIAya family!!! :D

getting through the JPIA week celebration was really a struggle.. there were times when i'd be able to eat only once a day, when i get scolded on things that i actually had nothing to do with, when i'd get home past 9pm, when i'd run under the pouring rain just to get things done.. restless!
after the culmination program, me, my co-officers of the org and our adviser sir julius weren't just relieved but were also filled with great food and tons of laughter.. we all went out for dinner and enjoyed the night.. :)

on a sad note..

there's this subject that i'm really having a hard time on.. it's difficult and complicated.. plus the teacher factor! haha! yah.. for real.. our teahcer is too intelligent (FYI he had a 100% mark on this subject when he took the board exam) that we get the problems of the "too intelligent".. we'll be having our midterm exams next week and yet i wasn't still able to pass a single quiz and the prelim exam.. i might also have gotten zero on the quiz we had yesterday.. HEEEEEELP!! i really can not delay graduation.. :(

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