Wednesday, May 27, 2009


there are just sooooo many things in my head right now and i just wanna break down and start throwing and breaking things!!

ONE: i could not graduate on-time if i can not find ways to squeez-in two 3unit subjects within the remaining 4 semesters including this upcoming sem.. just because of 2 minor 3unit subjects?! f*** it!! my teacher kept on telling me that i should have had summer classes, then i wouldn't have this problem.. but if i entertained my academic need first over my physical and emotional need, that would be irrational and unfair i may say..

SECOND: i was recently elected as the vice president for external affairs for our organization, JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) - school base.. then just today, my teacher told me that there's a huge possibility that i will be the president of the org if our current elected president would be elected as the college governor.. what?! just too much for me.. i have zero idea on what to do and on how to deal with it.. it's just so insane..

THIRD: i have 4.. yes.. 4!! not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR ACCOUNTING SUBJECTS this semester!! i have financial accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting, and taxation all at once!!

if anyone can help me juggle all of these.. please i'm begging you.. HEEEEEEEELP!!! :'(

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ags said...

Like you said, One baby step @ a time. Have more confidence in yourself and you'll get through things. Don't think about what bad could happen. Focus on the now :)