Friday, May 29, 2009

bukidnon break.. take 2!!

here are some of the pics that i was able to take during my recent bukidnon break.. :)

of course when you say Bukidnon, there should be a lot of bukids! hehe.. just some of the green bukid shots.. we went there by 5pm and went back to manolo by 8am, which explains why some shots are darker than the other shots.. the scenery there is to die for, i swear!! :D

while we were in the terminal waiting for kuya santi.. i never knew my cousin had super powers! i thought he was just super vain and not super electrica... wait.. did i just say electrica? oooops! :)) *peace*

aaaaah.. (-.-) isn't he adorable?.. he's mark gregory encarnacion jr. a.k.a james.. he's still a week old in these photos and he's just soooo cute.. he was really tiny and looked so fragile that i never really dared to carry him.. :)

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