Monday, May 11, 2009


the US of A's president is now black.. the once deep rivers are now just bare cracked soil due to global warming.. the cellphone that was once so huge in huge suitcases are now so portable, so small, and has the most sensitive monitors that they are already touch-screens.. changes of the world is constant and fast i may say..

changes are very observable in places and in people that you often see; in my case, our household and my family.. well, there has been a lot aside from the huge change which is the absence of my father whom i see and talk to everyday..

my sister, the youngest of my siblings has grown big, like sideways!! it's insane.. i don't see her munch a lot of calories and yet she grew so big really fast.. my mom just laugh at me when i tell her my amusement about my sisters growth..

another thing is my nephew Karl Cedric whom we fondly call migs.. he's actually not the "physical activities" type of kid.. he loves his book and the computer over the running and the exposure to the sun.. but surprisingly these past few days, he has been constant on the outdoors and even learned how to bike without his training wheels for just like four days.. amazing for a kid his type.. but i'm more than proud of his biking achievement!! :)

and lastly, my brother who has been known in the house for his being thrifty just gambled a sum amount of money on a cock fight!! i was like, "what?! who are you?!" haha.. but it's really just surprising.. i hope he doesn't do this often or else i'll send him into a rehab! if there's any for gambling addicts..

so that's it! just some surprising and uhmmm, cute observations in my household.. how 'bout you? any changes in your surroundings? it might be fun to hear them.. :)

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