Thursday, May 14, 2009

a bukidnon break..

we left iligan for bukidnon by 5am.. i only had 2 hours of sleep but i was used to it so my day started off fine,, not until i found my camera batteries drained!! i was so upset coz i planned to take tons of pictures during the trip to post them here.. i ended up putting my camera in my bag and just hugged a pillow hoping to take a nap.. as the trip went on, my uncle and my mom started talking about intelligent and funny stuff which made the entire trip educational and fun.. the breakfast (already in bukidnon) was kinda heavy yet very tasty!! i then wrestled with my cousins after the meal.. :)

we'd be leaving for cdo an hour from now to get some stuff then be back here in bukidnon right after our business there is done.. what i'm really excited about in this trip is visiting kuya santi and seeing his new-born junior Mark Gregory.. i hope my camera would work right by that time.. :)

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sendzki said...

basta ako siquijor hahaha